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“Jill is awesome! You feel better as soon as you are in her presence!! She has incredible energy!!!! She has helped me set up a regime that works for me and I’m feeling a lot better. More energy, not so tired, sleeping better. She really knows her stuff.”

– Patrizia M. –

“Following Jill’s plan made losing weight like paint by numbers.  She helped me improve my health and mobility immensely – significantly more than any of the more traditional approaches I’ve taken previously.  I cannot thank her enough.”

– Geoff M. –

“Before I started working with Jill and Jay I’d had some unfortunate experience with doctors. That put my health into a downward spiral. Since I started working with Jill and Jay my anxiety, my sleep and my overall feeling of Wellness has improved greatly. I’m so looking forward to what the future brings.”

– JJ Scott –

“Trying something new can be overwhelming but with Jill’s guidance she made it so easy! I was able to do the keto cleanse with her guidance and support whenever I needed it! The biggest difference I noticed was the increased energy and mental clarity that I had, and the fatigue that I was feeling seemed to vanish. Thank you Jill!”

– Gisele C. –

“My husband and I went on Jill’s 15 day liver reset cleanse. While we felt we generally ate pretty healthy before, the cleanse was the perfect “reset” for us and our lifestyle. We both slimmed down a little but most importantly we’ve continued many of the practices into our regular routine and eating patterns. Recipes were easy and tasty and Jill was there if we had any questions. Thanks Jill!”

– Bonnie W. –

“Since going on your program, my hair has gotten so much thicker and stopped shedding, honestly thought I’d be bald soon, and I’m not even on Thyroid meds.”

– Fotini B. –

“I had been thinking about trying the keto diet for several months but was not sure whether it was a fit for me. Several years after a severe car accident I was still struggling with pain, poor sleep, mental fog and the 25+ pounds I had gained. I found out about Jill @ Nourish Me and her Keto Cleanse program. I spoke with Jill over the phone and she was able to answer all my questions and I found her to be very knowledgeable. I liked her program and her style – a guide, available anytime I needed her and not pushy at all. In 4 months I have lost 25 pounds, physically I feel infinitely better, I feel mentally clearer and my energy is higher. My expectations were exceeded and I couldn’t be more pleased!”

– Shelna B. –

“I want to thank you very much for all your support and guidance over the last three months to help get me into a new routine of healthy eating and lifestyle. My main goal was to get my blood sugar and AIC levels down and therefore change the foods, routines and habits I previously had. Your excellent knowledge of food and supplements and suggestions really helped me achieve my goal. In addition, your positive encouragement and wonderful enthusiasm really helped to keep me focused the entire three months and now I hope I will continue on with everything I learned from you.”

– Karen H. –

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