Summer is coming and with it the usual ailments like splinters, bug bites and tummy aches here is my cheat sheet for quick essential oil remedies to have at the ready:

  • Fever: Peppermint apply 2-3 drops diluted to forehead, temples, back of neck
  • Sinus Infection: Oregano – 1-2 drops in water hourly; Raven; Thieves
  • Strep Throat: Thieves or Thieves Spray Oil; Gargle with Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Acne: Thieves oil (diluted with carrier oil- rub on); Enzymes and Omega 3’s
  • Stomach Ache: Lavender, Digize 2-3 drops on temples, neck and shoulders 2 times daily
  • First Sign of Cold: Thieves and/or Oregano. Zinc helps too!
  • First Sign of Flu: Oregano – 2 drops every hour orally and continue; Zinc
  • Ward off insects: Oregano oil works as a natural insect repellant. Put a few drops on outdoor furniture, or apply a diluted mixture on your skin when heading outdoors.
  • Vaginal Yeast Infections: Oregano, Purification – mix 8 parts oil to 2 parts carrier oil (i.e. coconut oil) put 1-2 tbsp on tampon and insert for internal infection.
  • Cold Sores: at first sign apply Thieves or Oregano oil.
  • Stop Bleeding: Lavender or Geranium oil applied neat.
  • Headache: Peppermint or Deep Relief applied to temple and forehead.
  • Relieve Bug Bites and Rashes including Poison Ivy: Lavender and Peppermint apply neat.
  • Joint and muscle pain: Peppermint, PanAway, Deep Relief apply neat
  • Treating foot or nail fungus: Put a few teaspoons of oregano oil in a basin of water and soak your feet in it. Alternatively, dilute the oil (mix a drop with a teaspoon of olive or coconut oil), and apply it on your nails or skin.
  • Toothache: Thieves, Clove or Oregano. Apply neat to tooth and area
  • Splinters: Apply Thieves Oil immediately neat and wait for sliver to draw itself up. Fascinating to watch! (you may need a few applications)
  • Heartburn: Di-Gize, Lemon, Ginger, Tarragon, Fennel – dilute with carrier oil and apply on location 3-6 times daily.
  • Sleep Better: Valerian, Valor, Lavender. Diffuse before bed, Massage 2-4 drops oil on bottom of feet just before bed.

Print this out and keep it handy. You can buy all these oils from Young Living if you sign up on my shop page link here:
Let me know your creative uses for essential oils!

Jill Schmelke

Jill Schmelke

Registered Holistic Nutritionist

Jill is a Vancouver-based mom, health researcher (MJ) and Holistic Nutritionist. Her passion is optimizing health and aging thru diet, supplements and lifestyle choices. Her goal is to share her knowledge and help others. Jill works with groups and on a one to one basis with clients.

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