Top Five Essential Oils for Health and Home

I like to keep things as low-tox as possible in my household so I use essential oils because they work for a myriad of everyday ailments. Most oils are multi-purpose - when in doubt I'll try what I have on hand. Which doesn't always work - like the time I forgot deodorant and applied purification neat. Ouch -- don't recommend! But the fun with essential oils is playing with them. The ones you are drawn too can be the ones your body needs. I'm drawn to citrus blends but my all-time favourite is frankincense. I like it as perfume. Here are my top five essential oils and how I use them:

Thieves Essential Oil

  • Helps pull a splinter out - dab on and watch it work!
  • Rub on the bottom of your feet or gargle with if you are fighting a cold or sore throat
  • Use one drop on hands for natural hand sanitizer (don’t rub in eyes!!)
  • Can help eliminate canker sores quickly
  • Makes a great natural cleaning spray
  • Helps numb the pain of a toothache

Digize Essential Oil

  • For stomach issues such as bloating rub a drop on your stomach
  • Helps with constipation rub a drop on kid’s tummies at night or on bottom of feet.
  • Helps with nausea and GI disturbances.
  • Travel with and have on hand at home

Lavender Essential Oil

  • Soothing for burns
  • Can stop bleeding quickly when applied to a cut
  • Put a drop in your mascara to keep it from clumping
  • Put a drop in your face cream for additional skin rejuvenating
  • Excellent for sunburns, dilute with carrier oil such as coconut oil or jojoba oil and rub on affected area
  • Put a drop in bath with magnesium oil or epsom salts for relaxation
  • Use a few drops on wrists for perfume
  • Diffuse in kid’s rooms at night to help calmness prevail

Lemon Essential Oil

  • Diffuse to get greasy smells out of areas
  • Use up to 10 drops on stinky wet clothes or towels and put in dryer
  • Make a quick counter spray with 1/2 vinegar, 10 drops Lemon and warm water
  • Diffuse in morning to help everyone wake up or during homework to increase concentration

Purification Essential Oil

  • Apply immediately to bites to help take the sting and itch away
  • Excellent for breaking down strong smells when diffused or spot treated on carpets
  • Uplifting scent for increasing concentration
  • Dab on a zit to help dry it up

Let me know your favourite oils and uses!

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