Working out while fasting

You might be wondering: can you work out while you fast? The answer is yes, and fasted training might even accelerate your fat loss efforts.

Here are some tips to maximize workouts during fasting:

1) Do the Right Training. If you exercise in a fasted state, opt for workouts that are easily fuelled by body fat. Passive aerobic exercise like hiking or high-weight low-rep strength training are great options. It’s best to avoid intense anaerobic, glycolytically-demanding exercise like martial arts and CrossFit as glycogen will be depleted while fasting. This is especially true for women.

2) Take Time to Adjust. If you’re brand new to fasting, you might see a slight decrease in performance. You will adapt over time as your body gets used to tapping into stored body fat for energy.

3) Train at the Right Time. Women typically see more fat loss when they eat pre-workout and fast after exercise. Men, on the other hand, are more flexible but tend to see benefits when training fasted and having a post-workout meal.

4) Supplement With EAAs. Aminos acids increase fat oxidation during workouts and keep the body from cannibalizing muscle when taken prior to fasted training. Taking EAAs is also a potent hack for extending a fast post-workout, as they provide muscles with the proteins needed for rebuilding and recovery but allow you to continue burning fat until the next meal.

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